AirSnore Review – Mouthpiece and Drops to Help You Stop Snoring 2020

AirSnore claim that 80,000 + people are getting a good night sleep thanks to their unique stop snoring product. Could you be another satisfied customer. Find out if it really works

AirSnore review
Essential oils and mouthpiece combination offering a complete snoring prevention product

It works for a high portion of snorers.
A full product (mouthpiece and drops).
Very easy to breathe while wearing.
Well priced with Long guarantee.

Cannot be used if you have caps, crowns, dentures, bridges or implants.
Doesn’t ship to some countries.

The AirSnore Mouthpiece is a quick and easy solution that gets the job done perfectly for most users without breaking the bank.

Many customer reviews are positive and many underline that the fact that is a complete snoring solution.

See current promotions and special offers.

“It is the best value for money mouthpiece on the market and the only complete solution”Don England


Our Rating 8.9/10

What is Airsnore?
An easy to use mouthpiece combined with essential oils to offer a complete snoring prevention system

What Will I Learn?

In-Depth AirSnore Review

AirSnore is an anti-snoring brand created by Wolfson Berg.

The product range consists of an anti-snoring mouthpiece and AirSnore Drops.

The mouthpiece controls snoring, while the drops contain a blend of aromatic plant extracts that provide natural sleep support.

You can buy the products individually or both together as part of the AirSnore Anti-Snoring Combo Pack.

This is primarily an AirSnore Mouthpiece review, but I’m also going to provide a brief description of the drops and what they can do.

AirSnore is not a new brand. It’s been around for quite some time and has already helped more than 80,000 people to sleep better at night.

Needless to say, it has probably helped a similar number of significant others as well.

Air Snore natural sleep support
Natural sleep support – mouthpiece and drops

What is AirSnore?

The anti-snoring mouthpiece is the main product. The drops only provide additional sleep support.

They offer the most benefit to people whose problem with snoring is compounded by the fact they also find it difficult to fall asleep.

AirSnore Drops are also a good option for people who have colds, flu, or chest infections that prevent them from falling asleep.

These conditions congest the sinuses, block the airway, and interfere with breathing.

The drops provide a combination of natural aromatic and essential oils (eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, Scots pine leaf oil have all shown snoring prevention benefits).

Working together, they can help clear the sinuses, ease your breathing, help you relax, and induce restful sleep.

If your primary problem is snoring, it’s best to see the drops as an additional product.

The Mouthpiece is the real sleep-saver.

Unless you have insomnia or ongoing chest problems, you are only likely to need the drops for occasional use and may not need them at all.

The mouthpiece belongs to a category of anti-snoring aids known as mandibular advancement devices; MADs for short.

MADs fit over the teeth in a way that draws the lower jaw forward.

The jaw brings the tongue with it, opening up the airways. That’s how it stops you from snoring.

Who Makes AirSnore

AirSnore is a health and wellness brand that belongs to Wolfson Berg. The company is based in Cyprus and boasts a long-standing reputation for supplying quality products.

Advertised Benefits

  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Stops snoring
  • No special fitting necessary
  • Helps you to breathe properly and sleep better without annoying your partner
  • Makes a bad night’s sleep a thing of the past
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Device Classification

The AirSnore Mouthpiece is a mandibular advancement device (MAD).

If you’ve got a few thousand dollars to spare, you can get a custom-built MAD via your dentist.

Buying the AirSnore Mouthpiece will cost you considerably less. Instead of requiring a dental impression and a specialist build, it works via a system called boil and bite.

The Advantages of Boil and Bite

Boil and bite is a system that’s also used with the gum shields boxers wear.  These also need to be a perfect fit for the teeth.

The boil and bite system is actually very simple. It’s incredibly popular too.

If you see an anti-snoring mouthpiece for sale online you can pretty much guarantee it’s boil and bite.

Boil and bite mouthpieces utilize a special type of thermoplastic. Before you use them, you need to mold them to your teeth.

You do this by placing the device in boiling water for a few minutes and then biting into the plastic while it is still soft. It’s a quick and easy system to use.

How Does AirSnore Work?

AirSnore stops snoring by tackling the reason that causes the problem in the first place.

Why We Snore

During sleep, the body relaxes and the tongue slips back in the mouth. The tissues at the back of the throat relax as well. This combination of factors is the reason why most people snore.

At it’s most basic, the throat is a dual-function fleshy pipe that connects the mouth and nose with the stomach and lungs.

image of a person giving reasons why we snore
Why we snore

Its value for getting food into the body is obvious and requires no explanation here.

This fleshy pipe we call the throat needs to remain open to efficiently carry air drawn in from the mouth and nose down to the lungs.

If the tongue is lolling back in the mouth it causes an obstruction that restricts airflow.

The relaxed nature of the tissue at the back of the throat (during sleep) makes it very susceptible to the turbulence caused by the air passing it by.

When the tongue is causing an obstruction turbulence increases, the flesh vibrates, and we emit that terrible rasping noise known as snoring.

In a nutshell, that’s why we snore. Now let’s take a look at the way the AirSnore anti-snoring mouthpiece can help.

How the AirSnore Mouthpiece Controls Snoring

Now we get to the clever part.

The AirSnore Mouthpiece is a fixed device that’s somewhat wedge-like in shape and has in-built receptacles designed to hold the upper and lower sets of front teeth.

The receptacles contain the special heat-sensitive plastic. In its original (new) state, the plastic is level and it’s not possible to get the teeth inside.

After the plastic has been immersed in boiling water it becomes soft enough to take the teeth.

When you bite into it, the plastic molds around the teeth in a similar way to the material dentists use when they make teeth impressions. This is what ensures the device is a perfect fit.

When you close your mouth, your upper and lower teeth are not perfectly aligned.

If they were the upper and lower sets would bang together, tip to tip. This does not happen because the lower front teeth sit behind the ones at the top.

The AirSnore Mouthpiece is designed in a way that forces the lower jaw forward.

This brings the teeth slightly out of line. Because the tongue is anchored to the bottom of the mouth, it is pulled forward as well.

By enabling this pulling forward of the tongue, the AirSnore Mouthpiece helps keep your airway open.

This reduces turbulence at the back of the throat and effectively controls snoring in a safe and natural way.

Can You Expect Any Discomfort or Side Effects?

As with all MAD-type anti-snoring devices, there may be a risk of discomfort. Especially during the first few days of use.

Advancing the jaw forces it into an unnatural position, it might take a little time for your jaw to adjust.

Due to the way they work, MADs also put pressure on the teeth. Especially the ones at the front of the mouth.

That makes MADs unsuitable for anyone who has ongoing problems with gum health or has dental crowns or implants at the front of their mouth.

If you are not sure your front teeth are strong enough to work with a MAD, it’s advisable to visit your dentist and ask for advice.

If your dentist tells says using a MAD-type anti-snoring device is out of the question, you may want to consider buying a good tongue stabilizing device (TSD) instead.

Maintenance Requirements & Product Longevity

The anti-snoring mouthpiece does not have any maintenance requirements.

Once you’ve set it up via the initial boil and bite process, there is nothing more to do. It’s a simple product with no moving parts.

However, as with any kind of oral device, such as dentures or retainers, you will need to keep your AirSnore anti-snoring mouthpiece clean.

Wolfson Berg recommends you do this by soaking it in for 10 minutes in a glass of cold water that contains a little toothpaste. If you want to, you can use a denture cleaning solution instead.

Nothing particularly complicated there, you could leave it to soak while you prepare your breakfast.

If you get distracted or delayed, leaving the mouthpiece a little longer won’t do it any harm.

After soaking, it’s just a case of allowing the mouthpiece to dry in the air.

AirSnore Customer Reviews

There are many AirSnore customer reviews.

Most of the customer comments and testimonials are not from AirSnore wearers … but from their partners that have managed to get a good nights sleep for the first time in ages!

Many are extremely positive, here is a selection.

I had to buy my partner one, his snoring was driving me nuts. After much research I bought an AirSnore. I am so glad I did he sleep much better now and I have fallen in love with the smell of lavender

If you or your partner snores get one of these – seriously. The first night made such a difference to my night sleep I slept through the night without waking up once. I feel like a new woman.

The AirSnore is magic I love it. My husband used to snore like a drain but he is much, much quieter now. I can still hear him a bit but I manage to sleep through the night now

AirSnore Summary

The mouthpiece and drops are produced by a respected manufacturer with a good reputation. AirSnore customers also have the benefit of a money-back guarantee.

The drops are possibly a little expensive, but the cost of the AirSnore anti-snoring mouthpiece puts most quality alternatives to shame.

It offers a very cost-effective means of getting your problem with snoring under control.

Do you really need the drops? Probably not. Though they will surely offer benefit if you are struggling with nighttime congestion or find it difficult to get off to sleep.

As I said earlier in this review, my main focus is the mouthpiece, not the drops.

The drops contain ingredients that are known to help with congestion (eucalyptus, peppermint) and aid restful sleep (lavender).

The presence of Scots pine leaf oil may also be of benefit if you are struggling to sleep due to a sore throat.

However, if you have landed on this page you are probably more interested in AirSnore’s ability to stop your snoring keeping you and your loved ones awake.

The AirSnore Mouthpiece is a quick and easy solution that should get the job done without breaking the bank.

Furthermore, you have nothing to lose by trying it out because the device comes with a money-back guarantee.

Does AirSnore Require a Prescription?

Neither the AirSnore drops nor the mouthpiece require a prescription. Anyone can buy them and put them to use.


Does AirSnore have a money-back guarantee? You betcha. It’s a good one too. Wolfson Berg backs its products with a guarantee that lasts for 60 days.

The guarantee period begins on the day you receive the product, not on the date you order it.

That means you really do have a full 60 days to put the mouthpiece and/or drops to the test and see if they are for you.

Where to Buy AirSnore and How Much You Can Expect to Pay

You can only buy AirSnore from the official website. The anti-snoring mouthpiece generally retails at just under USD 50.

The AirSnore Drops cost USD 44.95. If you want both, there’s a special deal that gets you the combo for just USD 89.95.

There are no additional charges for handling or shipping.

It’s hard to make a price comparison between the anti-snoring drops and similar products because they are in a class of their own.

There isn’t a close competing product to compare it too.

The AirSnore anti-snoring is just a MAD though. It’s easy to make comparisons and, with a price tag that’s less than 50 bucks, it’s a steal.

If you are seriously considering buying the mouthpiece, the drops, or both; you need to be aware the AirSnore website offers regular flash sales.

These can come and go but, if you get lucky, you can get a healthy discount. It’s generally around 20%.

That’s a hefty saving, it makes sense to grab it if you can. If you want to get the most up-to-date price information or check if a flash sale is running, you can do so by visiting the official site.

AirSnore best snoring device

AirSnore FAQ’s

Is the AirSnore Mouthpiece comfortable to wear?

After the initial boil and bite set-up, the mouthpiece will be an excellent fit for your teeth. The use of quality materials ensures the body of the device should not be unduly comfortable to wear.
As with all MADs, you may experience a little jaw discomfort and/or wake up with a headache when you are still getting used to the device. This is normal with this type of boil and bite anti-snoring device, but your body will soon adapt and become used to the new positioning of the jaw.
If you are unduly worried about discomfort, you may want to consider investing in an adjustable MAD. Such devices cost a little more but allow you to gradually advance your nighttime jaw position slowly over a period days or weeks, at a pace that’s right for you.

Does AirSnore help with sleep apnea?

The AirSnore Mouthpiece may have the potential to help control sleep apnea. Some doctors and sleep specialists recommend this type of device to their patients instead of using a CPAP machine.
However, Wolfson Berg is marketing AirSnore as a device for controlling snoring. You should not use this or any similar device to manage sleep apnea without first seeking professional medical advice.

Is AirSnore Safe?

AirSnore offers a safe and natural way to control snoring. It may take a little while to get used to sleeping with the device in your mouth but there should not be any side effects that impact your general health or well-being.
Initial use may result in some degree of jaw pain and/or headaches, but nothing serious in nature. Should you wish to do so, you can ease your way into living with an anti-snoring mouthpiece by paying a little more and investing in an adjustable MAD.

Can I use AirSnore if I wear dentures?

No. Boil and bite anti-Snoring mouthpieces require you have strong (natural) front teeth. You may still be able to use the AirSnore Mouthpiece if you only have partial dentures that replace the teeth at the back.
If you have any concerns about your teeth or the suitability of this type of device, your dentist will be the best person to offer advice.

Is AirSnore a long-term snoring solution?

Yes. Absolutely. Boil and bite mouthpieces can be a great long-term snoring solution. Due to normal wear and tear, you may need to replace your mouthpiece from time to time but you should be able to go on doing this for the rest of your life.

How often do I need to clean the mouthpiece?

You should be cleaning it every day. You can do this by placing it in a glass of cold water mixed with toothpaste or a proprietary denture cleaning aid.

Do I need to use the AirSnore drops as well?

That depends on you and your situation. In all probability, the answer is no. If you only want to stop snoring, the mouthpiece should be able to go it alone.
However, if you have an ongoing problem with congestion and it’s affecting your sleep, buying the drops may be a good investment. They will also be handy to keep as a standby solution for those times when you catch a cold or flu that’s keeping you from sleeping at night.

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