Massimiliano Allegri wants to see a reaction after Juventus’ elimination from the Champions League group stage, but insists it’s “useless” to think about the Scudetto or the Europa League.

The Bianconeri visit Lecce at Stadio Via Del Mare tomorrow. They will be looking to claim their third consecutive Serie A victory, reacting to elimination in the Champions League group stage.

During his first season as Serie A coach at Cagliari, Allegri lost his fifth consecutive away game in Lecce but managed to keep his job despite Cagliari being owned by Massimo Cellino, known for his little patience with coaches.

“That was my first season, now things are different. The season is long and we can still recover,” said Allegri.

“We have four crucial games left, four in Serie A and one in the Champions League. We must focus on that. After the break, when all the players are back, it will be different. This should be an opportunity to grow.”

Allegri confirmed that Dusan Vlahovic and Manuel Locatelli will not be available tomorrow.

Juventus are not only out of the Champions League, but have also had a poor start to the season in Serie A, already ten points behind leaderboards Napoli. Does he still believe in the Scudetto?

“We only played 11 games; talking about the Scudetto is quite useless”, said the coach.

“Now we must react and we have the chance to do so tomorrow. Napoli are doing extraordinary things, just like Milan. Lazio, Inter and Roma are doing important things. We’re behind. The goal is to close the gap, 27 games to go; tomorrow’s is the first.

“Tomorrow’s game will be challenging, we must be on the same level as them and run as hard as them. If necessary, we must be ready to play a dirty game.

Juventus have a better goal difference than Maccabi Haifa in the Champions League, so they are favorites to finish third in Group H. Once again, Allegri insists the team should focus on nothing more than the next game in turns on.

“It is useless to think about the Europa League now, we must change and focus on Serie A. Tomorrow will be a difficult game. Lecce drew level with Fiorentina and Salernitana, they are well organized and can be dangerous on the counterattacks.

“We need an important signal, we need to get out of this situation, but we are not going to do it in just one game. These players have great moral values ​​and I strongly trust that.”

How can Allegri explain Juventus’ poor results in this period? Would he define the campaign as a failure so far?

“These things happen, I can’t find an appropriate word, it’s up to you to find it,” he said.

“I focus on training with commitment and will. Some clubs stayed out of the Champions League for eight years or were eliminated. We don’t need frustration, otherwise we won’t get out of this situation. We know how important tomorrow’s game is, it’s complicated regardless of the Champions League and we need to play as a unit.”

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