Barcelona work on ways to remove veterans’ salaries from the squad

Barcelona are working on methods to remove some of their highest-paid players from the squad, which includes three of their four captains.

Sergio Busquets’ contract expires next summer and there are no negotiations to renew him, according to Mundo Deportivo. Along with Jordi Alba and Gerard Piqué, they represent a significant financial burden that is not reflected in the field performances.

The club considered trying to reach a mutual agreement to pay Alba and Piqué. Their salaries would still count towards La Liga’s salary cap for the remaining seasons of their contract, nullifying much of the desire to transfer them.

President Joan Laporta is apparently trying to change that. He has been in talks with other league presidents to change the rule so that players who mutually terminate their contract with a club no longer count towards salary caps. He would then take that consensus to La Liga to try and force change.

As the MD points out, Barcelona are not on board with La Liga lately and it can be a complicated conversation.

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