‘Be careful!’ – Fabregas supports Messi to make critics ‘eat his words’

Despite providing an assist midweek, a missed penalty brought the striker under fire – but his former club-mate says to eliminate him at your own risk.

Lionel Messi has “a lot more to come” at Paris Saint-Germain, according to former Barcelona teammate Cesc Fabregas, who believes the Argentine can silence his critics at the Parc des Princes.

The veteran striker, who moved to the Ligue 1 giants ahead of the current campaign to end a lifetime association with the Blaugrana, has undoubtedly struggled to fulfill his world-class promise to Mauricio Pochettino’s side.

Despite providing the assist for Kylian Mbappé’s winning goal against Real Madrid in the duo’s Champions League round of 16 this week, Messi was once again criticized after missing an earlier penalty – but Fabregas warned that detractors ruled it out. the current Ballon d’Or holder at his peril.

What was said?

“I’ve read things about people who must not have seen him play against Real Madrid,” the former Spain international told Mundo Deportivo. “Without being stellar, he played a good game.

“He put Mbappé in goal in the first half with a pass that none of the other 21 players could have made. He missed a penalty. So what? Judging him for that seems ridiculous to me.

“I remember Luis Enrique’s first year [as Barcelona coach] when [Messi] was criticized a lot. There was a crisis around that. Then Barcelona won the treble. Now something similar can happen.

“I understand that stories have to be sold, but we’re talking about a player who can make you swallow your words in a second. With Messi you always have to be careful, just in case. There’s a lot more to come.”
Fabregas assesses Mbappé’s future

Mbappé’s top scorer at the end of stoppage time sealed a crucial victory for PSG against the club he has been widely tipped to join in the summer when his contract runs out, although reports of a new deal for the France international have surfaced in recent years. days. .

Fabregas does not feel that even if Mbappé joins, however, it will affect Barca’s potential for a renaissance, adding: “It’s life. Real Madrid also had Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona haven’t stopped winning.

“A great player goes to his great rivals, but Xavi has a lot of young talent. Barcelona are in good hands.”

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