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Dutchy Corp

Crypto Autofaucet

If you’re going to try to get free crypto from faucets, it’s best to try an autofaucet. So many faucets will have an advertisement that says something like: “claim every 15 minutes!”, but do you really want to open a website or app every 15 minutes to solve a captcha and maybe get 5 satoshi?

I’m sure not..

If you’re going to spend time on this, you want to make sure it’s going to be worth your time. Autofaucets are nice since you only have to collect claims or points and then just let it pay out automatically when you want.

While there are many good autofaucets out there, Dutchy Dutchy Corp stands out among them!


Why Durchy Auto Faucet?!

They give you a 10% bonus if you collect your earnings in their wallet first before withdrawing!
On top of that if you use your claims in the weekend, they’ll give you an additional 20%!
There is a level up system that will add a bonus of 0.2% per level!
There are also bonuses in the form of autoclaims, every 5 levels!
This on its own makes it worth to use this faucet as your earnings will go up significantly over time,

But there is more!

Every month they have a different coin of the month available that you can claim through a faucet on the site.

They also have one for their own autoclaim token, Dutchy, and you can claim both every half hour!

These will also give you a bonus of 0.5% for every day that you claim them!

Dutchy has more coins available to claim than any other faucet out there!

45 coins are available with more being added from time to time!

This is great if you want to diversify your holdings, or try out different coins.

Coins can be withdrawn through CoinbaseFaucetPayExpressCrypto, or directly to your wallet.

This makes it very convenient to withdaw your crypto from them, and the fees are very reasonable!


They also feature:

A coin exchange that allows you to convert one coin to another.

A rainbot that rewards you just for being active on the site!

A large list of active airdrops with instructions.

They tell you where you can stake or earn interest with your coins.


So how do you earn autoclaims?

You can solve shortlinks and PTC ads on the site.

Dutchy has a very large amount of shortlinks and a good variety of them as well, making it easy to earn with this faucet!

Sign up today and get 200 autoclaims for free!


Thanks for reading and I hope this has helped you out!

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