Fact-check: Darwin Nunez becomes Premier League’s fastest player

The Uruguayan striker joined the Reds this summer
The English Premier League has been one of the oldest and most prestigious football leagues in the world, known for its history of records, wins, losses, players and more. The common culture of English people has very close connections with their players and vice versa. Every happening in English football is something to talk about and therefore something similar to what happened recently in this week’s Thursday night match when Declan Rice’s boys traveled to Europe’s most cursed stadium for some healthy competition. with Klopp’s army.
While the match looked like a half-win for the home side due to the magic of Anfield, Klopp made a major change in the squad which was newly acquired striker Darwin Nunez.

Liverpool gave the Uruguay striker his first chance to start in a home game this season, which changed English Premier League records again on Thursday. Darwin is a brilliant young talent who had to surprise Liverpool and Klopp at the start of the UEFA Champions League and was also one of the top players who has been in frequent conversations with various clubs due to his performance and interest in other clubs.

Liverpool’s record signing
But then Klopp bought him shortly before the start of this season during the summer transfer from SL Benfica for 85 million euros. Nunez was lined up for the match with Brazilian striker Roberto Firmino, who gave him great support throughout the match.

Nunez showed exceptional physical agility and strength during the match which later led to the team benefiting from a solitary goal from the striker and winning the game 1-0. Firmino passed the ball to the forward in his channel, which later led him to take the ball a long distance and shape it into West Ham’s net. He was being covered by several players during his run and a fierce battle between Kurt Zouma and the attacker was certainly something to catch a glimpse of.

After scoring that beautiful goal, Darwin Nunez became the fastest player in the Premier League with a speed of 38 km/h. He broke several records after that race. Which is to include Manchester City’s Kyle Walker’s last record two years ago, which was 37,802 km/h. The Uruguayan striker ranked second in the list of fastest players during the previous year’s Champions League. Placed just below Paris Saint Germain forward Kylian Mbappe, who covered a distance of 36.7 km/h against Real Madrid.

Although after the goal was scored in the 22nd minute of the game. Klopp kept an eye on the striker and after the coach saw he was having trouble stretching his legs. He replaced him in the 57th minute of the game, saving him for later matches. According to Sports Bible, after the match, Klopp stated, “It’s important. He has now scored a few times in recent games. He got 100% right now with numbers, which is good.”

According to OptaJoe, Darwin Nunez is at the top of the Premier League’s fastest player list in this period. But that’s down to his 36.5km/h run against Fulham earlier this season. But the player didn’t break the league’s top speed record. The list also includes players like Gabriel Martinelli, Diogo Dalot and Allan Saint-Maximin.

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