I will resign as Manchester City manager from… -Guardiola

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has revealed he will step down as manager of the club if fans are unhappy with him.

He made that statement in the context of the fan’s inability to fill seats ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League game against RB Lipzig, a game they won 5-3.

However, Guardiola passionately argued that he would never criticize City fans for not being able to attend games.

“I am entirely grateful for the support we had against Leipzig,” added the 50-year-old, who celebrated his 300th game in charge with an elegant 5-3 victory over the Bundesliga side in their Champions League debut.

“I always say that if the guys want to come, we would be incredibly grateful because I know how difficult the game is going to be and I know we need our people.

“I never sit here and ask why people don’t come. If you can’t come, then don’t come.

“If it’s a problem for the fans, I’m going to walk away. From day one, I do my best. I enjoy playing at the Etihad with my fans… my intentions are to be a part of something, to do it together.”


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