LaLiga is one of the top professional leagues in the world

LaLiga is one of the top professional leagues in the world. The league includes twenty clubs. Each club plays every other club twice. Teams receive three points for a win and one point for a draw. To break the tie, a match at a neutral stadium is held. Ties can also be broken using head-to-head goal difference. The team that wins the match is declared champion.

LaLiga has become increasingly popular in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. Its television output reached 2.8 billion people globally in the 2017/2018 season. This is a big step in the development of LaLiga football.

CVC Capital Partners invested in LaLiga to enhance competition and the fan experience. This investment will drive the league’s global growth. Its socially responsible initiative, LaLiga Genuine Santander, will help promote the league’s commitment to social change.

LaLiga’s strategy has evolved to create a bespoke digital ecosystem. Combining channels, services and data, the organization is able to provide fans, sponsors, broadcasters and sports professionals with a complete view of the league.

With technological innovation at its core, LaLiga has been a leader in the development of new digital tools. Among the tools developed is Live 3D Graphics, which generates virtual graphics during a transmission. LaLiga is the only national competition to use this technology.

LaLiga also maintains a socio-educational outreach program through football. Its annual high performance program is for boys and girls ages 14 to 18 with a high level of proficiency. They are invited to participate in a comprehensive training program that focuses on their skills.

For the 2015/2016 season, LaLiga awarded individual awards to players and coaches. Since then they are called La Liga Awards. However, they are not recognized as official awards by the Liga de Futbol Profesional.

LaLiga is a member of the National Commission against violence and works closely with state law enforcement agencies. The association also reduced its debt to the Spanish tax authorities. As of December 2020, LaLiga’s total debt had been reduced by €629 million.

In addition to its core activities, LaLiga has an active base. Through LaLiga FOUNDATION, the entity promotes socio-educational actions through football. To this end, the foundation maintains the Za’atari social project in the United Arab Emirates with AFDP Global.

Another LaLiga initiative is the LaLiga Grassroots program. The program supports LaLiga clubs with academies. At the same time, the program is dedicated to the development of the football industry, offering international training programs for industry professionals.

Together with the LaLiga Grassroots project, LaLiga has established a technological leadership position in the sports industry. The organization’s subsidiary, LaLiga Tech, is responsible for developing technological solutions for the sports and entertainment industry. Some of its clients include Dorna Sports, Sky Mexico and Jupiler Pro League.

LaLiga has been actively reaching out to the Southeast Asia region. This season, 30 media outlets participated in the 2018/19 season launch event in Jakarta.

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