Liverpool closes training center with increase in COVID-19 cases

Liverpool: Liverpool closed its training center on Wednesday after the latest outbreak of coronavirus to hit a Premier League team.

Pepijn Lijnders, the coach who replaced Jurgen Klopp while the Liverpool coach is isolated, is one of “many players and team” who scored positive for COVID-19 in the last round of checks, the club said.

This prompted Liverpool to request a postponement of Thursday’s first leg match against Arsenal in the FA League Cup semi-finals, with injuries and absences due to the African Nations Cup also reducing the availability of players. The English Football League is evaluating the matter.

After consulting with public health authorities, the club temporarily closed its first-team training facilities. The practice was canceled on Tuesday.

England has seen most of the disturbances caused by the coronavirus. Eighteen Premier League games have been postponed in recent weeks, while other major European leagues are on planned winter breaks.


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