Premier League Top Scorers: Who Leads the 2022 Golden Boot Race?

For those tempted to dismiss Erling Haaland’s historically hot start as a Premier League striker, we understand.

There’s something a little annoying about not knowing the identity of the 2022 Golden Boot winner, but only their final tally number.

Haaland’s 17 Premier League goals in 11 games leave him seven goals ahead of the next closest opponent: Tottenham’s Harry Kane.

Haaland scored twice in City’s 3-1 win over Brighton and Hove Albion over the weekend, as the Norwegian great is now on pace for a record 58.7 goals.

And the later this season goes with him projected so far over the current record, the less quitting is accompanied by the pace-setting (especially considering Haaland won’t be beaten by the World Cup, though he’ll certainly trade the chance for Norway to be in the tournament). .

And even though Haaland is currently surpassing his expected goal total, it’s already becoming clear that projecting him to the Premier League record is no exaggeration.

Take a look at these digits (on the right).

Haaland isn’t just scoring goals; He made an almost seamless transition into Pep Guardiola’s system, producing chances for others in addition to his powerful self-positioning.

Haaland is unlikely to hit 50 goals, given the schedule congestion for Manchester City, but the Premier League record is very much under attack and that figure isn’t entirely far-fetched.

Mohamed Salah holds a season record of 38 games with his 32 goals scored for Liverpool during the 2017-18 season, while Newcastle’s Andy Cole and Blackburn’s Alan Shearer added 34 during their 42-game seasons over the last decade of the season. 20th century.

Haaland can also break the record for goal involvement (goals plus assists) in a single season, including breaking a record 42 games. Alan Shearer made it 47 over 42, while Thierry Henry holds the record for 38 games with 44.

Other records that Haaland could legitimately tie or take down:

30 goals in a Premier League first season (Kevin Phillips, Sunderland, 1999-2000)
Goals in 24 different Premier League matches (Salah, Liverpool, 2017-18)
Most goals scored in a Premier League match (five tied with five)
11 consecutive Premier League games with one goal (Jamie Vardy, Leicester, 2014-15)

Read on for the latest Premier League goal totals for the 2022-23 season as Haaland looks to claim a Golden Boot in his first season in PL.

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