Ronaldo’s future may look brighter as this Serie A club is seriously interested

Cristiano Ronaldo is a foot and a half off Manchester United. The relationship with coach ten Hag is broken and, faced with the worrying lack of minutes, the striker will seek to leave the winter market.

Chelsea seems like a possible destination, but they are not the only ones interested in the player. According to the English newspaper ‘The Sun’, Napoli appears as a solid candidate to take the five-time champion of the Ballon d’Or to Italy.

Napoli are very interested
During the summer transfer window, there was talk of a possible transfer of Cristiano to Napoli. However, there were never any talks between the two clubs and the striker had to stay in England. But now interest reappears, according to people close to the player. His signing would mark a return to Serie A, where he played three seasons with Juventus, the southern Italian side’s historic rivals.

And what about payment?
Napoli say he would be an important addition to a club that leads Serie A and looks like a solid team to win the ‘Scudetto’. However, there is the money situation. The player of the Italian club who earns the most per week is the Polish Zielinski (102 thousand euros). Meanwhile, Cristiano’s weekly salary with United is €411,000. An abysmal difference that the club cannot achieve.

Would Cristiano Ronaldo reduce his salary?
Therefore, the directors would expect a significant salary reduction from Cristiano, something that ‘The Sun’ assures can be negotiated. The Portuguese understand that if they want to change teams they will have to lower their financial expectations. At 37, it is difficult for a European club to bet on giving him a salary similar to what he has now at United.

A strong team
Napoli is one of Europe’s biggest surprises this season. They lead Serie A undefeated with 29 points out of a possible 33 so far. They also lead their Champions League group ahead of Liverpool, Ajax and Rangers. With 17 goals, it is the team with the most goals in the tournament. They have a goal difference of +13, also the best in continental competition.

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