Who are the oldest Premier League teams?

An elite division of the English football league has existed for over 130 years with Manchester City reigning Premier League champions.

The English football league is one of the oldest in history, with the first domestic league season taking place in 1888, with Preston North End being the first club to be crowned champions of the English league in a 12-team competition, with the team from Lancashire leading the table with an unbeaten campaign and finishing 11 points from second-placed Stoke City.

As the game developed in England and more clubs became established, additional leagues were needed, with the top flight becoming the ‘First Division Football League’. It held that title for a decade before the Sky-backed Premier League was introduced in 1992, when the game’s popularity soared domestically following the 1990 Italian World Cup and the introduction of satellite television. It was during the 1990s that the Premier League’s global appeal increased due to shrewd marketing and an attractive league that began to attract some of the best names in the game.

Oldest Premier League teams

Debate continues to this day over the origin and formation of England’s oldest football club, with many concluding that the honor rests with Sheffield FC. The club is still active and in fact has been recognized by FIFA as the oldest functioning club in football. The South Yorkshire team currently plays in the Northern Premier League, which is the seventh tier of English football.


To discover the origin of the Premier League’s first current club, we need to fast-forward to 1874, when Aston Villa was formed. The club was one of the founding pioneer teams to form the first league championship which began in 1988. Currently managed by Steven Gerrard, the Villans have won the league title on seven occasions.


The second current Premier League club to see later in the day after Villa was neighboring Wolverhampton Wanderers. Originally called St. Lukes FC, the club adopted its current name following a merger with Blakenhall Wanderers and was another of 12 pioneering teams to participate in the first English league in 1888, finishing third. The 1950s were the glory days for the amber and black team, winning three championships with defender Billy Wright at their center.

Everton is another Premier League team that was another founding member of the inaugural domestic league with the Liverpool team founded in 1878. The Toffees have won the league’s third championship and have only been out of the top flight for four seasons throughout their history. The blue side of the Mersey side has also secured nine league titles in its 144-year history.

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