Xavi: ‘Whatever happens in Milan, we have to compete’

The FC Barcelona coach knows that the situation is critical, but he has not lost all hope of reaching the round of 16 of the Champions League.

FC Barcelona will enter the Champions League clash against Bayern Munich knowing if they still have a chance of qualifying for the round of 16 or if it is a lost cause. What happens between Inter Milan and Viktoria Plzen in the previous game is not in your hands. So how is the coach approaching a game with so much uncertainty?

Have hope
“It’s not a miracle we’re asking for. There’s still a little hope. There’s always uncertainty when you’re depending on other outcomes. It’s an uncomfortable situation. But we have to go out and play the game. These things happen in And why can’t something happen tomorrow? It’s not in our hands, but there’s still a little hope.”

“We must never lose that hope. It’s a shame we didn’t score in Munich or Milan. This competition was cruel to us. We can only wait and see what happens.”

Have to go for it
“Whatever happens in Milan, we still have to play well and compete. We have to show that we are capable of beating what we believe to be one of the strongest teams in the world. We have to show how good we are and what the game in Munich was like.” just unhappy.”

“We need results based on our football. We know what we need to do to play well and dominate the games. We need to win this game to show that what happened in the Champions League was just an accident.”

“We need to stay mentally strong. After we lost the Clásico it looked disastrous, but we recovered and played well against two strong opponents. We need to keep showing that we are capable of competing. The team has personality, they We are united, there is a great atmosphere. show that we can win things this season.”

Defensive problems
“Sergi Roberto is a big loss. He was confident and fit, scoring goals and providing assists. It’s a shame he’s injured but we have Bellerín as cover and Koundé can play in that position too.”

“I have a lot of options at left-back and I’m playing with them every game. Marcos Alonso is adapting well to playing in the middle, and Balde looks confident and fit, and there’s Jordi Alba too. Everyone is playing and playing well.”

“Koundé wins balls, corrects situations, is fast with his back to the ball, is aggressive, is a guarantee. An extraordinary defender. For his age, he is very mature. ”

Europa League
“We can go to the Europa League. We have to accept reality. We’re going to watch Inter’s game tomorrow and if we don’t get quality then it’s the Europa League and we’re going to attack like lions. be in it to win it.”

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